Ashley Shaw


Matthew Logan

Ashley Shaw and Matthew Logan

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It was all a dream..

Hello everyone,

Welcome to our wedding website, we are SO excited to celebrate with you all!
Please check back for updates as we get closer to the big day, in the meantime here are some juicy details about our love story.

How they met?
Matt and Ashley first met at one of their mutual passions - a country music concert! Jason Aldean to be exact. Ashley was standing outside of the women’s washrooms waiting for her friends when she caught Matt’s eye. It took Matt two laps before he got up the courage to go over and chat with her. As her friends rejoined, they persuaded an exchanging of phone numbers. Fast forward to the next day and Matt is calling Ashley to ask her on a date (not your typical millennial I know). After exchanging social media info to ensure he wasn’t a crazy person, Ashley said yes and they had their first date at a pub downtown called Barhop sharing beers, beef jerky (ask Matt about this...) and the knowledge this would not be their last date!

How he proposed?
Big fans of travel and fun experiences together, 3 christmases ago Matt gifted Ashley a NYE up at a cottage, he gave her a choice of 3 cottages with two of them being swanky muskoka style cottages and the third being a small wood cabin 3 hours north of the city on its own lake. No surprise Ashley chose the wooden cabin; no water, no electricity, no cell service and nothing but a wood stove to keep them warm they both quickly fell in love with this tranquil space and saw it as an amazing recharge to bring in the new year. On their 3rd New Years up at the cabin Matt gave Ashley the best surprise she could ask for. After a sunny snowshoe on the lake on New Years Day as the sun was setting Matt got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife! Talk about romantic!!! WAHOOOO!
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